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New Gaming Website

2010-01-28 20:21:11 by Pkgamer

Check out my new Gaming site or they both leave to the same site Check it out

Kkash 2010 sign up!

2009-12-13 01:01:59 by Pkgamer

Join now at for all the codes to win big at we will have all the codes and we are the first kkash2010 site so please sign up the first 10 people will be moderators

Flash Animator For Madness Flash

2009-02-13 18:44:29 by Pkgamer

Hey Guys i am working on a madness flash i have already done most of it and i need a flash animator can anyone help i have already done some of it and i need help because i dont have flash no more cos my old computer is broken. So if anyone can help Plz Pm me or write a Comment!

I will show you a Picture of the flash Just so you can kinda get a better look. If you can help you will be co-Aurhtord and willl get a reward and if you cant do all of it you dont have to i can find someone else so you can do some. i will finish of the rest so If anyone can please help Pm me So bottom line I need a Flash animator and you dont have to do all of it cya

Flash Animator For Madness Flash

Madness Movie!

2008-09-25 01:39:47 by Pkgamer

Hey Guys,

I Still Have not Submited Any Flash Or Audio I Created a Song But then The Audio Moderators Banned it And Now Im Also Banned from The Audio Portal. Well The Good Thing is I am Working on A Flash im Still Making The Movie And i Also Need Some Help With the Movie I Have Done the Audio and Art and Everything All i need is A Programer To Make the Actrul Movie So If Anyone Can Help me Make My Madness Movie.

So If anyone Wants To Help me Make My Movie You Can Pm Me or Leave A Comment. Well Besides The Madness Movie Im Also Working On a Halloween Movie and Halloween Is on My Birthday So i Really Need to Make one as Soon as Possible So If anyone Wants To Work with Me Pm me Well Thats all From Me Cya.