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Flash Animator For Madness Flash

2009-02-13 18:44:29 by Pkgamer

Hey Guys i am working on a madness flash i have already done most of it and i need a flash animator can anyone help i have already done some of it and i need help because i dont have flash no more cos my old computer is broken. So if anyone can help Plz Pm me or write a Comment!

I will show you a Picture of the flash Just so you can kinda get a better look. If you can help you will be co-Aurhtord and willl get a reward and if you cant do all of it you dont have to i can find someone else so you can do some. i will finish of the rest so If anyone can please help Pm me So bottom line I need a Flash animator and you dont have to do all of it cya

Flash Animator For Madness Flash


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2009-08-23 02:02:47

Hey, people I did'nt do the animation's or the people, I just did a back round that will say JM on the Air-con thing, So don't tell me it's good or bad, Tell PKgamer


2009-08-23 12:02:34

het I think you should put that on e

Pkgamer responds:

Lol soz were Should i put It


2009-09-05 02:53:57

With what action script is teh movie made.

I got flash 8 professional with actionscript 1.0 and 2.0*even if i dont use it*

I would be glad to help.


2009-09-05 02:59:12

Ohh wait its a game?I dunno can i help,ive never made a game and im a kind of beginner that started using flash in 28th august i think